Thursday, May 7, 2015

That's All Folks

So as the school year comes to an end, so will this blog. Do I want to keep posting? Maybe, but I probably won't since you know...I don't have a laptop over the summer and I certainly won't write a post on my phone. Besides, does anyone even read these blogs over the summer? Maybe, once the new school year starts, I'll start writing again, but I doubt it.

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I fully expect to be overloaded with homework next year. Let's just make this clear though, I WILL be watching plenty of movies over the summer, and probably non-stop talking about them, just not blogging them. So anyways, the question of the day is how have I changed this year. Hmmm well, I've changed in many ways so I've decided to make a list of how I changed in different subjects.

1. I have mastered my procrastination skills. I can get away with studying for a test in the last possible minute and still pulling off a pretty good score. Well, most of the time.
2. I have taken Ap Human Geography this year, and yes, it sounds as fun as it looks, and yes, it's very hard. I have gotten A-'s for the past three quarters and hope to get one for fourth. But, note that everything is curved so that's fun. Also, I should point out that my grades don't matter if I don't do well on this stupid AP test! My parents are making me a lot more nervous than I should ever be. I wasn't even worried about it until they opened their mouths. But then again, it would probably help if I studied more. 
3. I've taken on a lot more responsibility this year than in the past. Partly, because I want to, and partly because certain teachers scare me into doing it. 

1. I have watched a large genre of movies that I normally wouldn't and don't want to watch. Such as the movie called The Lake House. I love Sandra Bullock, but this movie doesn't do anything for her. It's BAD! 
2. I have learned despite trying to watch them multiple times, that I still hate horror movies. I don't like being scared. That hasn't changed. 
3. I've learned how to blog about movies, something that I never had tried before. 

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1. I have definitely improved my writing skills by a lot this year. Look back to my first post then to my latest one, it's much, much better.
2. I've learned how to navigate the blog community, and I'll just leave it at that. 

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Can I just say thank you for all your support! I appreciate all the feedback and nice things you've said about my blog this year. Rose and Chloe, can I just say that you've been great helps (not really) even if you're not blogging about movies. (Shame on you) I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen, and appreciate and like movies just a little bit more. 

Well, that's all folks,


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  2. Amelia, as a friend I encourage you to continue your blog! Your views on movies are both creative and fun to read! You have given me new ways to look at movies (I use to just think movies were either good, bad, or just okay!) but you have helped me become more educated in the art of movie watching. Thank you for a wonderful year of blogging and my best wishes for the future!
    Chloe from Walt Disney-a-thon,